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The deluxe lightweight 50cm Self-Propelled Aluminium Wheelchair has all of the same characteristics as the VA165 Deluxe lightweight, compact wheelchair, with the addition of greater seat width and adjustable armrest height. The lightweight wheelchair is made of high-grade aluminium and features a double cross bar for added strength. It also gives the user ease of mobility and quick folding for hassle-free transportation, with a weight capacity of 136kg.
•This wheelchair is currently only available in one colour: silver.
•Lightweight Self-propelled hand brake with a double cross bracing for added strength.
•Height-adjustable armrest.
•Wheels with a quick release (for transport).
•Armrests that can be adjusted in height can be flipped up.
•Quick release wheels (for transport)
•Flip up height adjustable armrest
•Swing away and removable leg rests
•Solid puncture proof tyres
•Weight capacity 136kg

Wheelchair Deluxe Self Propel 50cm seat

SKU: VAB165S-50
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