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This multi-purpose stool is adaptable and may be utilised in a variety of places throughout the house. With a comfortable rotating seat top, it's perfect for people who require help turning from side to side while seated. This inexpensive and modern design is made of sturdy aluminium and is long-lasting. It's light, water-resistant, rust-resistant, and height-adjustable, with non-slip ferrules for added safety and comfort. When the legs are compacted, the size is little. It comes flat-packed and may be used indoors or out, and it is appropriate for both adults and children. It's quite simple to put together. There are no tools necessary.

  • 8 height settings for a shower/bath stool with a rotating seat top.
  • Smooth rotation seat aids users who struggle to turn from side to side when seated.
  • Easy to assemble without even tools.
  • Weight Capacity 135kg.

Shower Stool with Rotating Seat

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