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The ScooterPac Canopy is a foldable canopy that fits practically any scooter. When not in use, the canopy folds back behind the seat and sets up in seconds when needed. With ultra-durable polymer sides and a high-clarity windscreen, it's made of waterproof fabric.

ScooterPac Canopy

SKU: 11257
  • • Winds of 96.5 km/h are no match for it.
    • Fabric that is resistant to water
    • The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminium.
    • The canopy is made of waterproof nylon.
    • Perspex is the material used for the windows.
    • The cover is made of waterproof nylon.
    • Can only be mounted on standard-sized mobility scooters.
    • Assembly is required.
    • There is a user handbook included.
    • All single pole seat brackets are compatible.

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