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This scooter weather cover completely encases the scooter, keeping you and the controls completely dry. The pack-away hood guarantees that the only exposed section of your body is well protected. The customised front allows the cover to be used with either three or four-wheeled scooters, and the clear front improves your safety by allowing you to see your lights and indicators while being protected. The back panel protects everything in your Back Sack by going over the back of the scooter.

Scooter Weatherproof Mac

Color: Blue
  • • In all weather conditions, keep yourself and your scooter dry and toasty.
    • Fits most three-wheeled scooters.
    • Fits a tiny scooter or a pull apart.
    • On scooters with large mirrors, this will not work.
    • The skirt is elasticated for a perfect fit.
    • Your scooter controls are visible through a clear rainproof viewing panel.
    • Integrated hood.
    • 112cm long from back to front.

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