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The Deluxe Scooter Crutch Bag is designed to fit snugly on the back of most regular electric scooters and provides padded, fully lined storage for coats or jackets, groceries, medication, food, and other items.

Scooter Crutch Bag

  • • Large bag for safely transporting stuff while riding your scooter.
    • Adjustable straps with buckles and a carry handle.
    • The top of the bag has a large zipper fastening.
    • Long slot for crutches, walking sticks, or other similar items, including zipped pockets.
    • Resistant to water.
    • For a sumptuous, long-lasting finish, it's fully lined and padded.
    • Rubber feet on the base have been raised. When the bag is laying on the floor, keep the bottom dry.
    • 455x395x135 mm Product Dimension.
    • 0.6 kg Net Weight.
    • Black in colour.
    • 12 kg Maximum Load

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