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The ENHANCER Cushion uses positioning in a uniquely designed two-manifold system for enhanced midline channeling of the femurs, lateral stability and skin/soft tissue protection.

  • The cellular design and the soft pliable material allow the individual to be immersed into the cushion for maximum pressure redistribution, while decreasing friction and shear.
  • Multiple Cell Heights: Unique contoured surface provides for channeling of the legs and enhances lateral stability and body positioning.
  • Adjustable and Adaptable: ROHO’s DRY FLOATATION® Technology provides unparalleled performance in minimizing tissue deformation and facilitating blood flow by fitting, matching and adapting to the shape of an individual.
  • Positioning: The ENHANCER Cushion provides positioning with a multiple cell height, two-compartment system that allows the individual to adjust the interior bucket seat section for reduced pressure on the ischia while adjusting the two outer perimeter rows for enhanced stability and positioning.
  • Skin/Soft Tissue Protection: Proven with over 40 years of research, experience and refinement, ROHO DRY FLOATATION Technology provides an individual with the ultimate in skin and soft tissue protection. The ENHANCER Cushion provides an adjustable, low friction/shear environment that helps protect against pressure ulcers.
  • A unique combination of high(4”), mid(3”) and low(2”) profile cells in the one cushion centre the user and position the pelvis back in the wheelchair providing greater lateral stability through chanelling of the legs.
  • A two-valve system allows the user to (1) adjust the interior “bucket” section for reduced pressure on the ischia and coccyx; and (2) adjust the outer perimeter for enhanced stability and positioning.
  • Appropriate for clients with high risk of ischemic ulcers and need for greater positioning support Soft neoprene construction is flame retardant and durable.
  • Maximum User Weight: Unlimited.
  • All models include: 2 way stretch cover, Hand pump & Repair kit, Operating Instructions.

ROHO Enhancer

SKU: PTC553060
    • Cushion: 2 Years
    • Cover: 6 months
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