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The ProCair® Prime Mattress Replacement System is an all-in-one alternating pressure mattress with an integrated pump and is adaptable for different clinical needs. Ideal for those in the high-risk category for pressure injuries, the ProCair® Prime can be used as a fully alternating pressure mattress or easily converted to a hybrid foam mattress by adjusting the position of the built-in foam layer. It easily and quickly converts back into a dynamic mode when complete pressure off-loading is required.

Easy to set up, the ProCair® Prime automatically adjusts the pressure to suit the weight of the patient and does not need a separate pump unit to hang from the bed - it is all built-in! This minimises trip hazards or damage from pumps being bumped off the bed and makes this all-in-one system easy and quick to move between beds. The Manual Fowler Boost mode adjusts the mattress pressure to provide increased support under the sacral area when the backrest is raised. The ProCair® Prime Mattress Replacement System is equipped with an easy-to-use handset that can be operated by the user or the carer.

Concerns over correct pressure level settings are eased with AutoCair, a cyclic automatic weight-sensing technology that automatically adjusts the pressure settings to keep the client within a safe pressure range for effective therapy, delivering fail-safe patient comfort and support. The inbuilt service indicator makes for worry-free maintenance.

Available in two sizes. Please make a selection from the dropdown menu above when ordering. 

Procair Prime Mattress Replacement System

    • All-in-one alternating pressure mattress with an integrated pump
    • Unique built-in pump mitigates damage
    • Cyclical automatic weight sensing technology delivers
      optimal pressure care
    • Adaptable for different clinical needs: Fully alternating pressure mattress (dynamic mode) or position foam layer above air cell layer (hybrid mode)
    • Easy-to-use handset can be operated by the user or carer
    • Quick twist CPR valve
    • Includes: 1x carry bag
    • For a Bariatric APM see Novis Bariatric Alternating Pressure Mattress (APM) with Expandable Width suitable for up to 454 kg



    • ARTG Number: 289458
    • Australian Standards: IEC 60601-1, IEC60601-1-2, IEC60601-1-11, BS7175 Crib 5
    • Warranty: 3 Year
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