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The Molift Air Tilt is engineered to enhance the working environment for caregivers through the integration of an electrically tiltable sling bar. This groundbreaking feature significantly alleviates the physical strain on caregivers while simultaneously improving user comfort, thus reducing the necessity for manual handling. The tilt function can be effortlessly operated using hand control, rendering the Molift Air Tilt highly intuitive and user-friendly.


Key Features

  • Easy Positioning in the Wheelchair: Offers effortless positioning of the user in their wheelchair. Simultaneous adjustment of angles ensures user can be comfortably placed in an optimal sitting position within the wheelchair.
  • Enhanced User Comfort: Prioritises user comfort with its open sling bar design. Spacious design around the user's head provides excellent visibility, openness, and opportunity for increased eye contact between the user and caregiver.
  • Flexible Sling Connection: Clip sling attachment adds flexibility to the transfer process. Sling straps attached to a stud on the sling bar. Leg strap features a flexible connection, allowing for easy adjustment.
  • Quick-Release Coupling: Equipped with a quick-release coupling mechanism. Simplifies and streamlines the process of switching between different sling bars, eliminating the need for additional tools.

Molift Air Tilt

  • With the Molift Air Tilt, repositioning users becomes a straightforward task, enabling single caregivers to safely and comfortably manage complex transfers and repositioning procedures without undue physical strain. Caregivers have the precision to adjust the user's height and position, making it easy to place users in optimal seating arrangements, such as wheelchairs. The open design of the system ensures a comfortable experience for both users and caregivers, granting users a broad field of view while enhancing opportunities for eye contact.

    Compatible with the Molift Rail System and generic clip slings, the Molift Air Tilt is well-suited for diverse care environments, including hospitals, nursing homes, and residential settings. It also includes the Molift Air 350, a renowned ceiling hoist within the Molift family. This solution is thoughtfully designed to maximise functionality, creating ergonomic lifting scenarios that benefit both caregivers and users. As a versatile and cost-effective investment, the Molift Air Tilt contributes to the advancement of healthcare in various care facilities.

  • Specifications for Molift Air Tilt Sling Bar

    • Length: 580 mm
    • Width: 580 mm
    • Height: 500-790 mm
    • Weight: 7.3 kg
    • Tilting range: 75 degrees
    • Actuator speed: 12.6 mm/second
    • Protection class: IPX4
    • Material: Steel, plastic

    Specifications for Molift Air 350 Tilt Hoist

    • Length: 360 mm
    • Width: 190 mm
    • Height: 195 mm
    • Weight: 8.6 kg
    • Battery: 26.4 V SLA 2.6 Ah
    • Battery charge time: 6 hrs
    • Motor: 24V DC
    • Hoisting interval: 2600 mm
    • Hoisting speed: 50 mm/sec
    • Molift Service Tool: Included
    • Protection class: IP24
    • Expected lifetime: 30,000 cycles SWL or 10 years
    • Material: Steel, plastic


    • Maximum user weight: 272 kg
    • Emergency lowering: Mechanical and electrical
    • Emergency stop: Reachable from the floor with a string. Reset possible from the floor


    • 2 years
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