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The Jazzy® 1450 offers heavy-duty construction and performance components. This bariatric power chair features a 272.1 kg weight capacity, front-wheel drive, and large front drive wheels for extra absorption over obstacles. The Jazzy 1450 combines superb climbing capabilities with front anti-tips for transitioning over grade changes and handling various terrains easily.

Jazzy 1450

SKU: J1450 VR2
    • Depth adjustable, fold-flat, limited-recline high-back seat

    • Flat-free drive tyres

    • Universal, fixed, in-line joystick mount

    • Large 43.1 x 33 cm foot platform

    • 272.1 kg weight capacity

    • 7.24 km/h maximum speed

    • 67.31 cm turning radius

    • Up to 25.2 km range per charge

    • Maximum performance, extremely efficient motor package

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