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The electronically actuated acute care Houghton 11 Function hospital bed features option for adjustable positions to provide adult patients more comfort. Side rails, an IV pole, and lifting pole are designed to enhance the support requirements with bed.  Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg, as well as CPR release, are the other major highlights. The bed can be powered by a 24V DC battery backup and a mains supply. The maximum patient weight is 200kg, whereas the safe working load is 235kg. Parts and labour are covered by a one-year warranty. The mechanism is covered by a three-year warranty.


•An extension bar.
•11 function handsets with lock function.
•4 braked castors.
•Emergency stop button.
•Retainers for mattresses (5 in all).
•Packaged ready for transportation with transport brackets included.
•2 section IV pole (sold separately).
•Lifting pole (sold separately).
•Drop down bed rails (sold separately).
•Back rest tilting 0-73°.
•Knee-rest tilting 0-37°.
•Easy to assemble.
•Head/Foot board colour options: Brown or Light Oak.
•Weight Capacity 200kg.

Houghton Community Bed

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