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The Flowform Ultra90® modular cushion contains a specially designed Flowform® module filled with Flowform liquid, surrounded by a high quality visco-elastic foam top and bottom covered by a Tuflane® liner with a high-quality black polyurethane outer cover, providing treatment and prevention for up to stage 2 tissue damage.

FlowForm Ultra90 Gel Cushion

  • • Up to stage 12 pressure damage, it's safe to use as a prophylactic and therapeutic measure.
    • Can be used in any direction, up or down, and is useful as a general or wheelchair cushion.
    • Waterproof polyurethane cover with two-way stretch.
    • prior fluid entry welded seams.
    • Zipper with a wide flat cover.
    • 3kg of lightness.
    • Made in the United Kingdom.
    • 127kg weight capacity.

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