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This new line of ramps is suitable for interior and outdoor doors or thresholds, as well as roll-in showers, wet rooms, and any other vertical transition application. An immediate and low-cost solution for removing vertical obstacles that can be rapidly and easily put on any surface. Aidapt's Rubber Threshold Ramps come with a 10-year warranty, ensuring long-lasting and low-maintenance use. This environmentally friendly product is made entirely of recycled rubber and has been designed and tested for optimal slip resistance as well as a wide range of load limits.

Easy Edge Threshold Rubber Ramp

  • • Ideal solution for wheelchair/scooter users to gain access to inside and external doors.
    • Also suitable for use in wetrooms and roll-in showers.
    • In minutes, you'll be up and running.
    • Guaranteed for ten years.
    • Maximum slipping resistance as well as a large weight limit.
    Other Sizes Available:
    • VA144C 30x1080x310mm Net Weight 7.3kg
    • VA144F 60x760x750mm Net Weight 21kg
    • VA144G 60x920x350mm Net Weight 11.3kg
    • VA144D 45x1280x460mm Net Weight 17kg

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