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A more environmentally responsible alternative to disposable pads, providing a sanitary and comfortable way to protect couches, chairs, and mattresses. Simply place above or below the sheet on a bed, or directly into a chair or sofa, for men and women. It has a comfortable smooth, breathable top layer and a non-slip, waterproof backing that can be washed and reused up to 300 times. For maximum convenience, this item is machine washable. Please note that we do not advocate using fabric conditioners when washing the pad because they can reduce its absorbency.
•Sofas, chairs, and beds provide hygienic protection.
•Top layer is soft and breathable, with a non-slip, waterproof backing.
•For longer-lasting dryness and comfort, use a special stay-dry fabric.
•An alternative to disposable pads that is more environmentally friendly.
•For maximum convenience, this item is machine washable.
•590 x 470mm Dimensions
•800ml absorption

Chair Pad

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