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Available in a three or four wheel configuration, the Celebrity® DX delivers superb performance and ease of use with sleek, sporty styling for an overall package that impresses with elegant simplicity. Loaded with standard features like a deluxe seat with headrest and manual recline, and lower light for pathway illumination, the Celebrity DX is equipped to excite.

Celebrity DX 3

Extra freight charges may apply for pre-ordered items.
    • 159 kg weight capacity

    • 105.4 cm (3-wheel) / 149.8 cm (4-wheel)  turning radius

    • Up to 9.65 km/h maximum speed

    • Up to 20.6 km per charge

    • State-of-the-art rear suspension

    • Ultra-simple, auto-latching lockup for quick disassembly and assembly

    • Easily accessible tie down points(for transport of unoccupied scooter)

    • Front basket and rearview mirror standard

    • Front frame-mounted seat post for optimal stability

    • High visibility reflectors

    • Microprocessor-based controller

    • Tiller rotation lock permits tiller to be used as a handle during transport

    • Speed reduction technology automatically reduces travel speed while turning corners (4-wheel only)

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