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Why choose Asoire Rehab
The Aspire Rehab RX Advanced Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair is a testament to modern mobility technology. Specifically designed for users with intricate requirements, this wheelchair guarantees optimum positioning, prolonged comfort, and superior skin management. Whether you need assistance with maintaining posture or are looking for an adaptive seating solution that addresses fatigue and skin health, the Rehab RX is a game-changer.

Positioning and Re-Positioning: Built to cater to users with intricate needs, the Rehab RX ensures proper posture, optimizes comfort, and significantly decreases user fatigue.
Tilt and Recline: A unique feature that enables 26° of tilt and 30° of backrest recline. This not only helps in weight re-distribution but also preserves skin integrity, aids with head control, and augments overall user comfort.
Ergonomic Seating: With a contoured, built-up backrest and seat cushion, the chair offers lateral support and promotes optimal midline positioning. The abductor and adductor build-ups at the seat cushion further enhance the user’s seating posture.
Articulating Legrests: A design marvel that imitates natural knee movements during elevation. It ensures that the thigh remains in contact with the seating surface, providing unswerving support and maintaining skin contact with the cushion.
Breathable Design: The multi-layered foam and breathable multi-stretch covers work hand in hand to redistribute pressure, boost comfort, and enhance skin microclimate.
Adaptable Design: The wheelchair boasts adjustable seat depth and width, height-adjustable and removable armrests, and a versatile headrest, making it a truly customizable mobility solution.
Safety Assured: Crash Tested in accordance with AS/NZ3616.196 standards, this wheelchair is a fusion of reliability and functionality. The addition of anti-tippers as a standard feature further solidifies its stance on safety.
The Aspire Rehab RX Advanced Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair isn’t just another mobility aid; it’s a promise of enhanced quality of life. Tailored for users with complex requirements, it combines advanced technology with ergonomic design to deliver a wheelchair that’s as comfortable as it is functional. From its pressure redistribution capabilities to its adaptive design, the Rehab RX is where mobility meets innovation.

Aspire Rehab RX Advanced Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair

  • CodeDisplay NameSeat DepthSeat WidthBackrest HeightSeat To Floor HeightSafe Working LoadUnit WeightColourMaterialMWS449710Aspire Rehab RX – 410-460mm Wide440 – 530 mm410 – 460 mm460 – 710 mm400 – 475 mm180 kg41.0 kgSilverSteelMWS449720Aspire Rehab RX – 460-510mm Wide440 – 530 mm460 – 510 mm460 – 710 mm400 – 475 mm180 kg43.0 kgSilverSteelMWS449740Aspire Rehab RX – 510-560mm Wide470 – 560 mm510 – 560 mm460 – 710 mm400 – 475 mm180 kg47.2 kgSilverSteel

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