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Tenura anti slip bath and shower stickers are a convenient, efficient and super aesthetic way of applying a non slip surface to your bath, providing added safety, removing the need for bath mats.

Please Note: The surface you are applying the stickers to, must first be cleaned with an alcohol based cleaner, to ensure no residue is left, creating a good adhesive bond between sticker and surface. Using any cream cleaners will leave a powder residue, which will contaminate the adhesive and cause it to fail.

  • Designed for use in baths and shower trays
  • Non abrasive, non irritant on bare skin
  • Easy clean
  • Disc pack contains 72 - 40mm discs
  • Strip pack contains approx 30 - 200x20mm strips
  • Can be applied in any pattern you desire
  • Also ideal for frequently wet and slippery floors and surfaces

Tenura Anti Slip Circles

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