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Ideal for persons who are blind, shaky on their feet, or have limited mobility and can't lean down to see their weight shown on normal scales. Weight will be announced loudly and clearly in English on 6mm tempered safety glass scales. The Aidapt Talking Scales are powered by 4xAAA batteries (not supplied) and have 4 sensors as well as a step on power function with auto power off. The weight is shown in pounds or kilogrammes. Scales that talk to you about your weight.

Talking Bathroom Scales

SKU: VM308
  • • The ideal domestic weighing scale
    • 6 mm tempered safety glass is installed.
    • LCD Display with a Big Screen
    • 180kgs is the maximum user weight.
    • Ideal for the partly sighted and blind.
    • Dimensions of the Product 1.81kg (300x300x30mm) nett weight.

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