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The dual motor design of the Sandfield Rise & Recline Chair provides for independent control of the backrest and leg rest, allowing the user to attain maximum comfort while in their chair. For maximum comfort, the chair features a waterfall pillow design. When not in use, the hand control can be stored at the side of the chair with a clasp. Smooth motion thanks to a high-quality OKIN motor. For safe functioning, this chair requires a 71cm distance from the wall. The maximum chair raise is 30 degrees.
•The backrest and leg rest are controlled by two independent motors.
•Hand control that is simple to use
•OKIN dual motors with excellent quality
•Extra comfort is provided with a headrest cushion.
•Magazines or the TV remote can be stored in the side pocket.
•For daily use, the chair should be at least 71cm away from the wall.
•Warranty period of one year
•160kg weight capacity

Sandfield Dual Motor Rise Recline Chair

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