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This sturdy Folding Suitcase Ramp is great for wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and rollators to gain access to homes and cars. The tri-fold ramp is made of solid, rust-free aluminium and comes with strong carrying handles, making it portable and easy to store. For added safety, the ramp incorporates side walls and a black grated surface that is attached to non-slip ribbed aluminium. The hinges and ends of this adaptable ramp have easy-to-use security locks to keep the ramps together while extended and in use, or to keep them closed when folded for storage or transportation.

Folding Suitcase Ramp

  • • Most wheelchairs and scooters are compatible with this product.
    • Allow wheelchair and scooter users access to cars and buildings.
    • Non-slip and weather resistant.
    • The tri-fold design makes it simple to use, store, and travel.
    • 272kg Weight Capacity.

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