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The Daresbury is a beautiful Rise and Recline Chair that is lovely and small. The Daresbury is available in three attractive colours and provides great comfort. The single motor provides lift and reclining movement in a compact form. Each chair includes a two-button control handset that is simple to operate. A high-quality OKIN single motor drive system is used in the Daresbury Chair. The chair has received full British Standards certification. For daily use, this chair must be at least 67cm (26inch) away from the wall.
•Petite Chair with Style.
•Backrest with three sections.
•Quality two-button hand control that is simple to use.
•Quality Actuators OKIN.
•Pocket on the side.
•On the armrest, there is a useful phone holder.
•Battery backup is available.
•Warranty period of one year.
•Weight capacity of 160 kg.

Daresbury Rise Recline Chair

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