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For coccyx pain relief

Icare Coccyx Wedge

Coccyx pain (known as coccydynia) can be the result of a fall or a fracture.

Icare coccyx cushions are a way to alleviate coccyx pain-reducing pressure in the area of discomfort. Wedge-shaped foam inserts with a washable cover, specifically for coccyx pain and pressure relief.

Ventilated Base Fabric
Vant fabric is a three-dimensional polypropylene material that has high air permeability and is anti-bacterial. Using this in the base greatly increases air movement.

Coccyx Wedge Cushion | iCare

SKU: IC171
  • » Specifically for coccyx pain
    » Foam insert with washable cover
    » Wedge shaped for added comfort
    » Pressure relieving ActiveX™

    Width: 40cm
    Length: 42cm
    Depth: 7cm (thick end)

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